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Management and control

Centralised control system for remote control and supervision

The very beginnings of our centralised control system date back to the 1990s, resulting from the need to have better transparency next to remote control and management of water supply and sewer systems.

Our company works across five municipalities, operating nearly 100 facilities (water reservoirs, pumping stations, hydrofors, waste water treatment plants etc.).

We have been using a variety of communication technologies (radio transmission, GPRS, CSD, SMS, Wi-Fi, etc.). The centralised control system provides input data that enable control of water supply and sewer systems and monitoring of water quality across different water supply segments within our system (HACCP).

Only about 50 percent of the facilities we operate are included in the centralised control system, but we do control all the vital facilities within our water supply system.

Further development of the control system would indirectly result in reducing our system’s water loss, which is one of the goals related to rationalisation and sustainable development of the company.