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Report your water meter reading

Here is where you can communicate your water meter readings on a monthly basis.

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)
As of 17 December 2012 we have been providing services of setting up and cancelling direct debit (preauthorised debit) according to SEPA regulations. Direct debit is processed on the prearranged days, as it has been the case thus far.

According to the rules of the SDD scheme, you can arrange everything necessary to set up, change, and cancel direct debit (preauthorised debit) with us (and no longer with your bank). You can bring a filled out form personally to the company’s head office (Utility services accounting) during office hours or send it by regular mail. In the first case, remember to have your ID and credit card with you.

Changes (ownership, payer, user’s address)
Users may transfer their water connection to a new physical or legal entity providing that there is no outstanding debt related to the connection in question. The request must be made in writing or personally to Utility service accounting office.

The person requesting a change must provide the following documents:
- authentic document (purchase contract, deed of gift, decree of distribution, extract from the land register, lease contract);
- permanent residence document (in case of changed address);
- tax ID number, and
- water meter reading.

Bill correctness complaint
If you find anything wrong with your bill, you should file a bill correctness complaint. You should send a written complaint within 10 days of the date the bill was issued and send it to the accounting office. It should include the invoice with the billing error and your water meter reading. The complaint will not affect the due date of the bill. Our office personnel will send a written reply within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. For any further information please do not hesitate to call us on +386 5 339 11 21 (Head of the Utility services accounting office).

What to do in case of excessive consumption and water leak
We advise you to first remove the causes of excessive consumption. Each customer must inspect their internal water supply system on its own and identify the fault or water leak. In case of water leak on the internal water supply system (water pipes from the water meter to the facility) we advise you to examine what has caused the leak by closing all outflows (such as taps, toilet tank valve etc.) and check whether the water meter is running.

If the meter is running that means that is the case of uncontrollable water leaks somewhere on the water supply pipeline. In this case you should call a plumber to fix the problem. Until then we advise you to close the valve after the water meter, thus preventing further damage.

After the cause of excessive consumption is repaired you can apply for a discount to you bill. The application should be sent to our accounting office within 10 days from the receipt of the bill. The applications and complaints commission will inform you of their decision within 15 days.